TEC stands for "Teens Encounter Christ." It is a name used for a movement of personal Christian Renewal within the church. The instrument of renewal originated in Missouri under the name of "Show Me" TEC. It has been in North Carolina since March, 1990. It is a highly structured, well-thought-out method of renewing the faith of individuals, the congregations from which they come, and the environments in which they live. This renewal movement is presented as a united effort of laypersons and clergy to aid congregations in the development of young Christian leaders.

A TEC retreat is an encounter with Christ in which the participant becomes part of a community abounding in God's grace. It enhances and strengthens our personal relations with Christ, with our Christian brothers and sisters, and with our community. The TEC retreat is coming face to face with Christ. TEC has a goal: To change the world, to remake the world in Christ.

Please visit the “Apply to Attend a Weekend” page to apply online or the "Forms" page for paper applications.  If you are unable to download the forms, please e-mail ObscureMyEmail for assistance.

A non-refundable deposit of $20 is due with this application. It will be returned only if the weekend of your choice is canceled for any reason. If the weekend of your choice is filled, your application and deposit can be transferred to another weekend, or it will be refunded at your request. Send the completed, printed forms as soon as possible to:

P. O. Box 35441
Charlotte, NC 28235-5441

Upcoming TEC Weekends: HIH-TEC conducts encounter weekends twice a year, on MLK weekend in January and Labor Day weekend in September.  The upcoming dates are:

TEC #65 Martin Luther King Day Weekend, January 13-15, 2018 @ Camp Loy White
TEC #66 Labor Day Weekend, September 1-3, 2018 @ Camp Loy White


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